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Matza Meal - Erev Pesach

Rabbi Aharon adler20 Iyyar 5763
Are you alowed to eat food made with Matza Meal - Kemach Matza, on Erev Pesach?
The only Matza prohibited to be eaten on Erev Pesach is the Matza that one can fulfill his obligation of the Mitzvah of eating Matza on the Seder night. Ground Matza (Matza meal) could actually be used in extenuating circumstances as bonafide Matza for the purpose of the Mitzvah. Therefore, eating (plain) Matza meal on Erev Pesach (even if the Matza meal did not come from "Shmurah Matza", for all Kosher LePesach Matza is "Shmurah" on some level), would be covered by the prohibition. However, if the Matza meal was simply an ingredient- among other things - in some baked or cooked product (cookies, cakes, gefilte fish, etc...), then technically one could eat that food on Erev Pesach for one could not use the baked or cooked food product containing a Matza meal ingredient as bonafide Matza for the purpose of the mitzvah of eating Matza on the Seder night. However, there are families that have a long-standing custom (Minhag) prohibiting even such Matza meal-containing foods on Erev Pesach. In the absence of such a known family Minhag, one is not obligated to initiate new customs in one's private life.
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