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Bedikas chometz


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Nisan 6, 5774
I am currently living with my parents. I have been here for two months and might be here up to a year. I am going away for Pesach however. I am leaving the week before Pesach. What are my obligations as far searching for chometz, when to search, with or without a brocho, and by candlelight or not. My questions apply to both my room in my parents’ home as well as the room where I will be staying for Pesach. Thank you and Yasher Koakh in advance.
ב"ה I am sorry, but the information you provided is not clear to me in regard to your status in your parents' home nor of the room you will be staying in on Pessach. Unless your parents' home is in your possession, the obligation to search for the chometz falls on them unless they appointed you as an agent to do the checking for them. If they are home, the eve of the searching for chometz, they should do it. If the house will be left empty for the entire Pessach, you should perform the Bedikat Chometz= the searching of the chometz, in the room where you will be staying for Pessach on the eve before Pessach as anyone else would do at home, with a candle and a Brocho. This is correct, if the room is rented to you or belongs to you, but not if you are staying in the home of friends who have invited you. In that case, the obligation falls on them. If you will arrive at the place you will be staying for Pessach only in the morning before the seder, so as not to miss the mitzvah of bedikat chometz, you should do it in your parents' home the night before you leave with a candle but without a brocho since it will not yet be the official time for bedikat chometz. I hope I have helped you. Chag Kasher ve'samea'ch.
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