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Pesach Cleaning for a Pregnant Woman


Various Rabbis

Adar II 29, 5774
Shalom Rabbi, every year I make sure to clean the house for Passover. This year, thank G-d I’m in early pregnancy so I want to avoid cleaning that involves too much physical effort . Do you have to clean wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, etc.? If not, do I have to do Hatarat Nedarim because in previous years I did clean there? I will note that I am not going to stop cleaning, I just want to avoid it during pregnancy . Also, is it possible to give up Kashering the kitchen cabinets if you are sure not to open them or use them on Pesach and sell the chametz?
Passover cleaning does not require cleaning showers, shutters, windows and the like. Regarding kitchen cabinets, make sure that they don't contain products of grains, and sell them. Have an easy pregnancy, and B'Shaa Tova. Rabbi Yitzchak Ben Yosef
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