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Selling flour for pesach


Rabbi David Sperling

Adar II 26, 5774
Can you sell flour with your chametz?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. The sale of chametz for Passover was originally instituted in order to sell 100% real chametz in situations where there would be server financial loss if it was destroyed. Over the years it has become a very standard practice for nearly every Jew to appoint a Rabbi to sell their chametz (– and it is a good idea to do so). For various reasons, may Jews do not rely on the sale for items that are real chametz, and only use it for those items that do not appear to have chametz in them, but do not have kosher for Passover kosher supervision. If you follow this practice you will want to know if flour is considered as real chametz or not. (However those who rely on the sale of chametz even for real chametz certainly have upon whom to rely). Even though our flour has been washed and processed, it is not considered as real chametz and may be sold with the rest of your products. [Needless to say that one should only actually use flour on Passover that was prepared under kosher supervision, and even then one must supervise the use of flour to ensure that it does not rise and become chametz – something that is done only in matzah factories and bakeries under expert supervision.] Blessings for a great Passover!
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