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Dairy food on meat plate


Rabbi David Sperling

Adar II 19, 5774
I put hot dairy food on a meat plate that is made of stoneware. Can I re-kasher the meat plate and use it again? Thank you
Shalom, Thank you for your question. The law of a vessel made of stone is the same as a metal vessel, which may be koshered. However, this only applies to a vessel made from one piece of stone. If the plate is made from stone pieces that were compressed together, it has the law of a clay vessel that cannot be koshered. So you will have do a little research and find out how the plate was made. From what I saw online, often stoneware refers to a fired mixture of different clay types along with the flint, and sometimes stone. If this is the case with your plate, it cannot be koshered. (This is true only if by "dairy food" you mean food with milk in it – if however the dairy food did not have real dairy products in it (or a small amount that may have been nullified), please contact us again with more details. Also, how did the plate become a "meat plate"? These details can affect the status of the plate and it's need for koshering). Blessings.
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