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Hadran for a Siyum Shas


Rabbi David Sperling

Adar II 5, 5774
Shalom Rabbi 7 years ago I started Daf Yomi. Unfortunately I have generally done it by myself as I have not been able to commit to a regular shiur (though right at the start I bought a full series of the old "Dial a Daf" shiurim on shas and listened to that each day). I am about to finish shas and was wondering of their is a special Hadran for the whole shas or do you just recite the Hadran for the masechta just completed?
Shalom, Firstly let me send you a huge Mazal Tov! What an achievement – to finish learning all the Talmud, page by page over seven years. The fact that you could apply yourself to such a commitment is remarkable in and of itself – and that you did it without the support of a regular shiur just makes it even more remarkable. May you merit to continue to learn and grow in Torah, and may your achievements be a light for all of us to increase our own Torah learning and commitment. You should certainly make a sudat mitzvah and have a special si'um, as the Rema rules in the Shulchan Aruch (Yoreh Da'ah 246,26). During the meal you should learn the last part of the mesechet, then recite the standard "Hadran", but include the words "Hadran alecha mesechet NIDA (if that is the last mesechet you learnt) Ve'Kol Shas Babli…". If you can you should make a special effort to have a minyan present so that you can recite the special kaddish printed at the end of the mesechet – you recite this even if your parents are living. You should then begin learning the start of mesechet Brachot again (and start planning for the next si'um ha'shas !). Mazal Tov!
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