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Rabbi Ari Shvat

Adar I 6, 5774
Hello. Looking at the Name of , IS-RA-EL, It appears to Me that its Named after ISIS RA EL. The GODDESS ISIS, The Sun GOD RA and The Sky GOD EL. What is your opinion of that Rabbi? Have a Blessed Day. Thanks. Dennis
Sorry Dennis but your creative attempt doesn't work philosophically or textually. Philosophically, the One and only God of monotheistic Israel not only totally negates any other gods, but believes that God encompasses all. “He is the place of the world”, because “there is nothing else aside from Him” (Deut. 4, 35). You mentioned several of His creations but everything compared to Him is equal (the sun isn’t different from a cockroach), just like two small children in first grade (who have maybe a centimeter in height difference) arguing who’s taller in front of a giant Wilt Chamberlain. Also, the root of the name Israel is explained explicitly in the Hebrew, “Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but rather Israel for you have power/greatness (SR) with God (EL) and man and are able” (Genesis 32, 29). Like always, it’s always best and more accurate to learn in the original language, how much more so regarding the Godly Bible. All the Best!
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