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Kippah in public


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Adar I 13, 5774
For the past years I have really started appreciate and become more active in my Jewish faith and I feel closer to Hashem then ever before. I have being wearing my yarmulke publicly and everywhere I go because of my appreciation and reminder of Hashem and as a symbol to my Jewish faith. Is it ok for me to wear my yarmulke publicly? Is this wrong?
B"H I can appreciate greatly your will to express your closeness to Hashem and may Hashem give you and other women like you the strength to pursue this closeness. I don't want to interfere with your feelings but in order to give a proper answer, please allow me to make some assumptions and if I am wrong I ask for forgiveness in advance. Some of us when wanting to become closer to Hashem, look for symbols of expression of belonging and identity with the Jewish people which are all very positive things. Some begin to wear a "star of David", some affiliate themselves with a Jewish organization, some visit Israel and there are many other things. If we take the yarmulke in particular, we must explore its source and how it has been applied over the generations. The Yarmulke or "kippa" was a head covering worn exclusively by men during prayers as a custom. Over the generations it became a symbol for Jewish men to be worn at all times reminding us that Hashem is above and that He separates us from other nations. Judaism does not necessarily seek to display our closeness to Hashem to others. This is particularly true in regard to women who are not commanded to wear a Talit or Tefillin. It is more of making ourselves distinct through our actions and behavior. Our closeness to Hashem is more of an intimate thing guided by the commandments of the Torah. The Torah itself which is the essence of the Jewish faith, though adorned and crowned it is most of the time kept covered and concealed. The cherubim in the Temple which were the expression of our complete and absolute intimacy with Hashem were kept in the Holy of Holies away from the eyes of the public. If it is your will to "tell" G-d that you are feeling closer to Him, you may talk to Him through prayer, with a siddur, Tehillim or in your own words. You may want to study Torah, to learn of G-d's infinite wisdom. You may want to experience a Shabbat, or go to the Synagogue or be more careful with eating kosher. Just to mention a few examples which you may be doing already (As I have previously apologized) or you may want to strengthen your observance of other things you may have started. If you want to send a message to the people around you of your closeness to Hashem, it is usually evident when you begin to refrain partaking in certain social activities which you no longer feel part of so it is not only the so it is not only the wearing of a Yarmulke which shows this. I wish all the best on your journey of closeness to Hashem. I sincerely wish I have helped.
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