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Temperature of the fire when kashering liver?


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Shevat 14, 5774
Hi, I was learning the halacha of kashering chickens (in Kitzur) and learned that you are supposed to use specifically a straw fire for burning the feathers out. Is this because a straw fire is known to be colder than other types of fires? Also, in regards to kashering liver, is it preferable to use a pure alcohol fire over other types of fires (eg. cotton with oil) because the pure alcohol fire would be hotter? Or does it make absolutely no difference? Or is one better to use than the other? Thank you, Tzvi
In regard to the burning of the feathers, you assumed correctly that a smaller flame is used so as not to cook the chicken before it was salted. (חכמת אדם שער איסור והיתר כלל לג) As far as kashering liver, the type of fire or electric grill which is required is one that is hot enough to draw the blood and then make the liver edible. (רמ"א, יור"ד סי' עו:ב, וש"ך )
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