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Rabbi David SperlingShevat 11, 5774
I want to start my own band for parnassah. I plan on recording cds and selling them, as well as selling mp3 downloads for sale. I also plan on playing music at weddings, simchas, etc, whenever I can get paid. What halachic considerations must I be aware of?
Shalom, First of all let me wish every success in your new band – may you merit to bring joy and happiness to all who hear you, and also be able to earn an honest and upright living. In general you need to be concerned with the things that all of us who work for a living and are careful to follow Jewish law need to watch out for. Let me list a few of them. To be honest in your monetary transactions. To follow the laws of land, especially when it comes to taxes. To make sure you fulfill your religious obligations such as prayer and Torah study. To be careful about speaking Lashon Horah (especially about clientele who give you a hard time). To give charity from your earnings. As a music band you should also be careful not to take part (or encourage) any activities that are questionable (or forbidden) by halacha. Therefore you should make sure that the functions you play at are both kosher and do not expect you to play for mixed dancing (between men and woman, which is forbidden). I hope this partial list is enough to get you on the right track. Again – may you be blessed with every success. Blessings.
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