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female Mashgicha kashrut and kosher sushi

Rabbi Ari ShvatShevat 2, 5774
Chodesh tov Harav!! Question: what are the responsibilities of a kashrut mashgia in a sushi restaurant?? Tizke le mitzvot!! Blessings always!! P.s. can it be a woman??
One must undergo a course of study to learn how to be a responsible mashgiach and to be certified by the local rabbinate. In the short scope of this response, we obviously cannot summarize the many laws of meat and milk, checking leafy vegetables, legumes and rice, gentile cooks, kashrut of ingredients, etc. etc. In most homes, it is the woman who is trusted with the kashrut, and similarly a woman is trusted to be a mashgichat kashrut in a restaurant, as well. Nevertheless, in some cities, the rabbinate may open courses just for men, but that’s a local and technical question. Specifically regarding sushi, one would also have to learn which sushi fish aren’t kosher (like shellfish, shrimp, and eel), as opposed to identifying the kosher ones (with kosher scales). In short, the responsibilities of a mashgiach can be learned and it’s not particularly difficult, if you already run a kosher kitchen. With Love of Israel, Rav Ari Shvat
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