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Opinion About Christianity


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

Adar I 13, 5774
Hello Rabbi I would like to know whar you think about my opinion about Christianity. Jesus was a rabbi in Israel, he did preach the kingdom of G-d with the Tennach in hand, he had his disciples and did what he believed was written, without going in to specific details for example that he was G-ds son, he did teach the scriptures that where the same as today in Jewish believe, he told his students go and tel the world about this and convert them to followers of G-d, that means uphold G-ds law and live it. Now I can understand that there are some things hard to do in non Jewish community’s but Christianity should be able to get most things right from the scriptures, the problem is that the Catholic church and 99,9% of Christian churches do not see this, its not about converting Jews but everyone else must be converted to a form of Judaism, this is my opinion after reading in the bible, and trying to filter it with prayers so i could find out what the catholics put in for there purposes, may i ask what your opinion is in this matter, Mashiach or not that is not the issue i think. Regards Gideon
I am not sufficiently aquainted with the texts or Christian history to affirm your reading, but I do believe from what I have read that there are academic scholars who agree that Jesus was faithful to Torah law and tha later Paul changed his teachings into a new religion. Unfortunately I can not claim any expertise in this matter.
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