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Mishneh Torah study


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Shevat 13, 5774
SHALOM, Please Rabbi read this part of the introduction to the Mishneh Torah, by Rambam: "Therefore, I have called this text, Mishneh Torah ["the second to the Torah," with the intent that] a person should first study the Written Law, and then study this text and comprehend the entire Oral Law from it, without having to study any other text between the two." QUESTION: What does the Rambam mean by the "Written Law" that must be studied before the study of the Mishneh Torah? Does he mainly mean the Chumash? Does he mainly mean the entire Tanach? Thank you, Gonzalo Navarro (Madrid, Spain)
By the written law, the Rambam refers to the Chumash which contains the commandments that the Jewish people must abide by.
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