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Shul to eretz yisrael


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Tevet 21, 5774
where is verse that in furture hashem will take all the shuls to erezt yisrael
The full quote actually is: Rabbi Eleazar Hakappar says: The Batei Knesset and Batei Midrash in Babylon will eventually be planted in Eretz Israel. From the Gemara in Megilla 29a. What is extremely interesting is the fact that after the 6 day war, in the Golan Heights, a door lintel dated to the third century, bearing the inscription "This is the Bet Midrash of Rabbi Eleazar Hakappar" was found. This finding dated to the period when the Tanna Rabbi Eleazar Hakappar lived, sheds light on his life that after serving as a rabbi in the city of Lod, he apparently moved to the Golan Heights where there was a large Jewish community. The door lintel is on display in the Katzrin Museum in the Golan Heights.
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