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Kiddush at Shule


Rabbi David Sperling

Cheshvan 26, 5774
Hello! I have the following questions for kiddush on Shabbos morning. If someone makes kiddush in the shul, and I then take a very small sip of wine (less than a cheekful), do I need to worry about a bracha achrona for the wine, or only for the food I consume afterwards? Also, if i’m yotzei kiddush in the shul (with mezonot), am I allowed to go home and only recite "hamotzi", without doing kiddush again? Thanks!
Shalom, Thank you for your interesting questions. Normally a small sip of wine – less than a revi’it (86ml according to many opinions) is exempt from an after bracha. However, in your case, you need to eat a measure of mezonot, such as cake or crackers, to fulfill the obligation to make Kiddush at the place where one eats a meal (with the cake being considered as the meal in place of bread). Because of this you will be saying the after blessing for cake in any event, and the question arises whether you should add the words in the after blessing to include the small amount of wine you drank or not? Most opinions say that because the wine itself was less than the measure that requires an after blessing, you should not add the words “al ha’gefen” to the after blessing for the cake (see Zot HaBracha 5, 5). However, the Igrot Moshe (Orach Haim, 2, 109) of Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l holds that in this case one also includes the wine in the after blessing recited for the cake. Most opinions rule not to mention the wine (see Shmirat Shabbat KeHilchatah volume 2, p. 178). In regards to your second question – if someone heard Kiddush in shule, and ate some cake there, are they allowed to just say “ha’motzi” at home, or do they need to make the morning Kiddush again? From the letter of the law according to the Shulchan Aruch one does not have to repeat Kiddush at home if they already heard Kiddush (and ate) at the synagogue Kiddush. However there are those who hold that it is good to say Kiddush at home again (see Piskay Tshuvot (new volume) 273,9), but it would seem that the common custom is not to repeat Kiddush at home if everyone at the meal already has heard it and eaten beforehand. Blessings.
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