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Teaching Torah to Converts


Rabbi David Sperling

Cheshvan 14, 5774
Hi, following up the question "Teaching Torah to non-Jews" - I was wondering, how come it is permitted to teach Torah to non Jews who are intend to convert to Judaism?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. In fact it is a very good question that many rabbis have debated over. Because of the prohibition to teach Torah to a non-Jew (except the seven mitzvoth that all of humanity are command to keep), some rabbis in fact forbade teaching a potential convert Torah. See for example Rav Akiva Eiger (response 41). But the overwhelming halachic opinion is that a non-Jew who shows sincere interest in converting should be taught Torah. This is based on many considerations, amongst which are that some hold that it is only rabbinically forbidden to teach Torah to a non-Jew, and the rabbis allowed for teaching that is for conversion. For a full discussion on this issue see Rabbi Y.H. Henkin's response in his B'nie Banim (volume three, 13-14). Blessings.
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