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Ask the rabbi Halacha Hatarat Nedarim - Annulment of Vows

A vow not to play Boggle

My Chavrusah told me last zman he’d only keep me if I stopped playing boggle So I agreedץ Now I regret but its too late to back out because my chavrusah won’t find anyone else now in the new zman. I was wondering if I can be Matir Neder because I definitely did not think it would be this difficult.
Shalom, The laws of nedarim are very serious and complex, depending on may factors including the exact language used when taking the vows. It would seem to me that this is a great opportunity to turn to your Rosh Yesheva with your question. This will be of benefit as he will be able to determine what you said at the time; whether it warrants doing hatarat nedarim; and if you should continue playing Boggle. May you be successful in your learning, Blessings, D. Sperling
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