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Netilat Yadyim on Yom Kippur


Rabbi David Sperling

Tishrei 13, 5774
on yom kipur do we do nitylat yadayim in the morning on our fingertips?
Shalom, I'm sorry that for some reason I only received your question today – 3 days after Yom Kippur! Still, words of Torah are timeless – and I hope my answer will still be of some help to you. Even though washing is one of the five laws that make up the special Yom Kippur command to afflict ourselves, there are two exceptions to this rule when washing is allowed. Firstly, washing to remove dirt is allowed. So, for example, if someone changes a baby and has dirty hands they may wash the place of the dirt to remove it. Secondly, the ritual washing is allowed. This though is kept to a minimum, so instead of washing all the hand as we normally do in the mornings, on Yom Kippur we only wash the fingers up to the where they join the palm of the hand. Blessings.
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