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G-d’s Knowledge

Rabbi Yoel LiebermanTishrei 11, 5774
Dear Rabbi, 1) Since we know that G-d KNOWS EVERYTHING ... then I don’t understand what there was for Him know according to this scripture: Genesis 22:12 And he said, Lay not thine hand upon the young man, neither do thou any thing unto him: "FOR NOW I KNOWN that thou fearest G-d, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son, thine ben yachid from Me. 2) Exactly what does it mean .. when it is stated during Rosh Hashana blessing .. that the individual receives sustenance, etc ... ... and "ONLY REVEALED BLESSINGS." Can you explain?? Thank you & Shalom.
The commentaries dealt with the question you are asking of G-d knowing only "now" that Abraham is G-d fearing. The answer closes to the simple understanding of the verse , is to understand what is the true translation for the the Hebrew word for "Yada'ti". You quoted the translation "For now I know". However many commentaries understand the word Yada'ti" as "I have made known." Meaning in wake of the binding of Isaac, Abraham's fear of G-d became public knowledge. (See Ramban and Chizkuni)
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