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Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Tishrei 13, 5774
Last summer I bought some grapes and made some wine. The first step in the process I used, was to de-stem the grapes and lightly crush the fruit. I did this with the use of a machine at a local brew shop. My use of the machine was included in the cost of the grapes. Someone suggested to me that the wine may not be kosher since a goy "turned on" the machine. The machine was clean of all grapes and stems (from other people {not Jewish} using the same machine) and only I touched the grapes/juice/wine from the time I put the grapes into the machine until the juice and pulp came out. Once again only I touched the juice as it fermented (in my basement) and bottled it and the goy’s only involvement was the turning on of the machine. I would like to make wine again this fall and I would appreciate your thought on my existing wine, i.e. is it kosher or considerd Yayin Nesech and any suggestions for the future. Thank you and Tizqu LeShanim Rabot. Sam PS Obviously I do not want to throw away the wine as it would be a loss of my time and money.
Shalom, The activating of the machine by the goy, though through the machine he may have moved the wine, does not make the wine Yayin Nesech and you may drink it since this is not the way things are done to make Yayin Nesech. (See Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De'ah 124:24). However, since making the wine is a process, from picking the right the right grapes making sure they are not Orla, , the sealing of barrels or bottles before they are moved by a goy etc. ,I suggest you speak to your local Rabbi and elaborate to make sure you have covered all bases. L'chaim and Chag same'each.
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