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Why 7 days of creation and not 1?

Rabbi Ari ShvatElul 29, 5773
Why did God decide to create the world in seven days if he could do it in one?
Why did God decide to create the world in seven days if He could do it in one? Shalom Alexis! Another very good question! God purposely wanted to create a world of gradually climbing stages, where man slowly but surely is a partner with God in choosing to improve himself and the world. God is so perfect, that He wants to give man the opportunity to have “free will” (like God Himself) and chose to leave us room to choose to be “Godly” and give to the world (like God Himself). In short, the greatest gift God gave us is that we can be Godly. Accordingly, He didn’t create a perfect world in one shot, but showed us from the very start that this is a world of evolution, or gradual development and improvement, according to the rate of our choosing to do good (=Godliness). K’tiva vaChatima Tova to you and your family and all of Israel! Rav Ari Shvat
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