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Solomans third temple


Rabbi David Sperling

Elul 8, 5773
I have been hearing things updates of the third temple being bulit already and what about the agreement to be signed in december does this have anything to do with prophesy i saw it on isrealinationalnews I didnt think it was being bulit yet can you clarify this for me
Shalom, We are definitely in the process of building the Third Temple! Unfortunately, it is taking us somewhat longer than we had at first hoped. For the last 1,945 years since the destruction of the second Temple, the Third has been a "work in progress". At this stage, we are up to the ingathering of the exiles and the re-establishment of the Jewish kingdom in the Land of Israel. Thank G-d, we are moving along quite rapidly. (However, we still have a few more Jews to ingather, and a little bit more international politicking to do before the State of Israel is completely built up to its fullest potential). The "workers" are not tiring nor slacking, and every day we rise anew in our holy task of bringing about a world that is ready to reveal G-d's light in the Third Temple. As the Jewish people go about their work of fulfilling G-d's will in order to merit the full rebuilding of the Temple, we are comforted by the fact that so many peoples of all nations share our dream with us and add their prayers and efforts to ours. As to "facts on the ground", as I look from my window in Jerusalem I see that although the Land is calling all her children back again, and the holy city, and all of the Land of Israel, is flourishing with rebirth and growth – the actual site of the Temple remains unbuilt. I am unfamiliar with both the prophesy you refer to, or any agreement to be signed in December. Though I am sure that just as the State of Israel constantly makes the news all over the world today, the rebuilding of the Temple will certainly be headlines in your local paper. Blessings from Israel.
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