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Al netilat yadaymim prayer


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Av 22, 5773
dear rabbi, please advise the following: 1- can I say the "netilat yadaymim" prayers inside the toilet after drying my hands OR outside the toilet. Regards rafael
Shalom ב"ה You may not say the Bracha inside the toilet since it is a place for the disposal of human waste and it is therefore inappropriate to say any blessings there. There is also a dispute among Rabbis if one may do "netilat yadayim" in the sink of the toilet. Some say it may be done there since the waste is removed elsewhere and does not remain in the same room, while others say that it may not be done unless there is no other place. In a room with a bath only, one may do netilat yadayim but should not say the bracha there either. All the best (שו"ע או"ח פ"ג, שו"ת אור לציון א, א, ציץ אליעזר ח"ז סי' ה, יבי"א ג, ב. חלק ז, כז
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