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Meat and dairy equipment in parve margarine


Various Rabbis

Tammuz 11, 5773
Hello, I sometimes use parve margarine for cooking. Usually I use a plastic disposable knife with it, but I remember a time I used a meat knife to spread it on challah. However, it is always in the fridge, so most likely it was cold every time I used it. The last time I used it, I forgot about the meat knife and I put it in a dairy pan and fried it with spinach and cream cheese. I’m just wondering if my pan is still kosher? Thank you!
Shalom and thanks for your question. The margarine can become "Besari" (meaty) If meat crumbs from the knife fall in it, or if meat taste from the knife is transferred to the margarine. In general, taste is transferred only via heat. This rule has exceptions, which do not relate to this case (like cutting spicy food). Therefore, if the knife was clean, and as you describe, the margarine and knife were cold, the margarine is still Parve and your pan is Kosher. I would recommend to continue using a Parve knife for the margarine knife, to avoid problems in the future. Rabbi Yisrael Wende
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