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קטגוריה משנית
Thank you so much for the answer. Two quick follow-ups: 1) You mentioned in your answer that one of the variables was that the garden was covered, and I just wanted to clarify that it is only partially covered by plants that have grown over the wood frame during this season, but it is full open sky probably half of the year, in case that distinction matters. 2) Presuming that distinction doesn’t matter my second question is--since I originally put the mezuza on the left side of the door (as I enter into the garden from the house), would I say the brocha of likboa mezuza again when I move it to the right side, or not (since there is a difference of opinion about the kashrut of what I did the first time). I really appreciate your guidance. I hope that doing the correct placement of this mezuza, with your help, brings appropriate blessings into my apartment, and that your family has a share in that too. Much appreciation, Shira Chana
Shalom, As I wrote the placement of the mezzuzah on a door leading to a closed garden is an argument. As you have already put the mezzuzah up, even though it is not on the right side leading to the garden as I ruled, you should not move it. The side you have it on also has many Rabbis who hold that it should be there, so seeing how it is already up you should leave it there. When you next take it down to check it - every 3 and half years or so - you can replace it on the other side. As to the blessing, when you finally put it up on the other side, you should not say a blessing, due to the various doubts about the placement of such a mezzuzah. Blessings.
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