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Uensils in dishwasher


Rabbi David Sperling

Sivan 12, 5773
Shalom Here are the details: I washed a milk spoon in a meat dishwasher. Please can you tell me the status of the spoon, the dishwasher and all the crockery and cutlery (meat) that was in the dishwasher when I had the milk spoon in the dishwasher. Also if there is an issue how do I fox things. Regards M. L.
Shalom - Thank you for your question. In order to answer it fully it would be helpful to talk to you personally so as to ask many follow-up questions, such as - was the milk spoon dirty or clean? Had it been used for hot milk or cold food? Was there dirty meat in the machine at the same time? Did you use washing detergent? And so on. Therefore, if you could talk personally to a rabbi that would be ideal. If you are unable to reach a rabbi who you can talk to, then in general the answer is as follows - even though one should not put meat and milk utensils in the machine at the same time, if one did so, after the fact, one can rely on the lenient opinions and rule that everything is still kosher. (This is based on the assumption that the dishwashing detergent is strong enough to annul any tastes that come out of the vessels, or small remains of food in the machine. Together with other halachic considerations, many rabbis rely on this ruling, especially when not all the facts are available). Blessings.
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