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bracha on ilanot during Nissan


Rabbi David Sperling

Nisan 12, 5773
Shalom Rabbi Sperling! I have a grape vine that produces fruit in my back yard here in Israel that produces fruit (I see a shrivelled grape cluster from last year). It has just started to bud and flower. May I make the bracha on ilanot that were are priviliged to do in the month of Nissan on this grape vine? Actually, it looks like there are two vines in the ground but they don’t look identical- I’m not sure if the second is also a grape vine (since I understand it’s better to make a brocha on 2 trees or more). Last part of the question, I walked outside and saw the flowers...may I still say the bracha, since I understand there is an issue of making a bracha the first time you see the flowers? Thank you for the assistance! Shira Chana
Shalom, What a blessing to live in an age and a place where the words of the prophets are fulfilled before our very eyes - every person under their grape vine! May we be blessed to see the continued fulfillment of all the words of the prophets and the completing of the redemption in our days. Yes, you may (and should) say the blessing on seeing flowering fruit trees, which is said in the month of Nissan, on your flowing grape vines. Even though the blessing may be said on a single tree, you are correct that it is better to say it on two (or more) as the blessing is in the plural. Even if you did see the flowers on an occasion before saying the blessing, the halacha is you may say it on a subsequent viewing (see Mishna Brurah, 226, 4, and Piskay Tshuvot, ibid,7). Blessings.
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