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Rabbi Yoel LiebermanNisan 1, 5773
About separation of the Torah: I thought goyish printers made the separations?
What Rabbi Lewis referred to in his answer is to the Parshiot, such as Bereshit,Noach, Lech lecha. These Parshiyot were divided in light of the the directive of Moshe Rabenu as mentioned in the Talmud Yerushalmi Megilla chapter 4 :1, that Moshe set down the ordinance of reading the Torah on Shabbat, Yom tov etc. .Although, the actual division of the Torah to the actual Parshas as we have them today came much later.(Perhaps as late as the middle of the 8th century). What you are referring to are the chapters. That indeed is from a non-Jewish source in origin. In the Koren Tanach you can see, the chapter division as in most Tanach's and the additional Jewish Division. Chag Same'ach
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