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Dear Rabbi, I am a slow reader, I often do not finish the "yehe sheme rabbi" before the chazan. If I continue reading, I often miss 1 0r 2 amens, the 3rds and the 4th one. a) Am I required to continue reading and ignore saying amen? b) or should I stop the repeating the "yehe sheme raba" to say Amen, then continue? c) or should I avoid repeating the "yehe sheme rabi" in order to say all the amens on time? ty for helping me sort out my confusion.
ב"ה Shalom Yehe Shemai Rabba is a very important part of the Kaddish. The Rabbis said in the Talmud, in Berachot 57a , that he who says Yehe Shemai Rabba, his place in Olam Habba is guaranteed. And in the Talmud (Shabbat 119b) they further state “ he who says Yehe Shemai Rabba with all his strength, their evil decrees will be annulled”. Rashi explains “with all his strength” means when the person is fully concentrated. Therefore, when you say Yehe Shemai Rabba, you should focus on that. However, on the practical side “Yehe Shemai Rabba..” is only seven words. The following thing to be said is “Brich Hu” which is 10 words later. Only another 9 words after “Brich Hu”, which are another two words, is the first Amen, which makes it a total of 22 words after “Yehe Shemai Rabba..”. Therefore, it seems to me that you can still say Yehe Shemai Rabba calmly and if you are still saying it when “Brich Hu” comes up you should continue with Yehe Shemai Rabba, and then when the first Amen comes up you should be done and they you can say the remaining Amens. All the best
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