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Mezuza placement


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Adar 14, 5773
Hi, my apartment has doorframes that are very high (about 3 meters tall) include a window in the top part of the doorframe (that opens into the room). It’s the kind of door you might find someplace where you’d want to close the door but keep airflow by keeping the window on top of the door open. Where do I put the mezuzot? If I don’t "count" the window part of the door, would I put my mezuzah at the end of the top 1/3 of the door frame? Or must I take into account that the window sits within the frame and I must put the mezuzah higher? Thank you!
From the Talmud and its commentaries, the requirement which emerges is that the placing of the Mezuza in the upper third of the door frame, applies to the area through which one can enter. Meaning, the area above the door which is impassable because of the window is not included as the upper third of the door frame. (מנחות לג, שולחן ערוך יור"ד רפט , ספר מזוזת ביתך , סי' רפט:ב,בשם החזו"א ) Furthermore, even if one would have a door frame which exceedingly high according to some poskim, the mezuza should not be affixed higher than shoulder height. (ערוך השולחן סי' רפט: י) Happy Purim
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