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Dehydrated onion in mix- milchig spoon


Rabbi David Sperling

Shevat 30, 5773
I used a potato pancake mix that had dehydrated onions in it. I made the mix in a pareve container and stirred it with a cold "Eino ben yomo" (wasn't used fo 24 hours) milchig spoon. Is the mix milchig? Is the container? May I use a fleishig pan to make the pancakes and / or eat them with a fleishig meal?
Shalom, Even though we try to use meat utensils when preparing parve food to be eaten with meat, in your case the use of the milk spoon did not create any problems. When a cold spoon is used in cold food, the taste does not transfer out of the spoon into the food. This is true even though there were onions involved. There are several reasons for this, one being that the onions only draw out the milk taste from the utensil when there is the pressure of a knife blade cutting the onions, and not just a spoon mixing them. Also, I doubt that the small amount of dried onions in the mixture would classify it as a sharp (spicy) food. So, being that no taste came out of the milk spoon into the pancake mix, everything is still considered as parve, and it may be cooked in either milk or meat pans. Blessings.
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