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Third temple

Any idea how close we are to the third temple being built?Does it depend on the pure red heifer or money or both?
Shalom, Though there is a debate about how the third Temple will arise - whether by our efforts or whether it will come already built from heaven - everybody agrees that it is dependent on one major thing. In order to merit the third Temple we must return to Hashem with full hearts and increase our Torah and Mitzvot. Based on our efforts in these areas will we merit to either be a nation ready to take upon ourselves the holy task of building the Temple, or merit that Hashem sends it from above (or possibly some combination of both these ways). Beyond any technical questions of the need for a red heifer, or this or that, the most basic, fundamental, and important thing we can all do to bring about the Temple, and the closeness to G-d that it holds, is to work on our love of Hashem, Am Yisrael and the Torah. Blessings - in eager anticipation of the final redemption.
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