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Hi, I am in Shana Rishona. I learned to remove any Sifrei Kodesh when sleeping in the same room as my wife so long as she is not nidda - eve n if we don't intend on having relations. Is Mishpacha magazine included in this halacha? Our beds lift up for a storage area. Would it suffice to put Sifrei Kodesh underneath a bed?
Thank you for your question. 1. There is no need to remove Sifrei Kodesh when sleeping in the same room as one's wife, if the couple don't intend on having relations (see Shulchan aruch 40; 2 and 240;6). 2. When having relations one doesn't have to take Mishpacha magazine out of the room but it's better to cover it with a shirt or something, or take it out of the room or put it in a closet in the room (see halacha brura 40;8). 3. It is forbidden to put Kodesh books under one's bed, men or women (nothing to do with a man and his wife). Ginzei Kodesh (2;16). All the best!
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