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money issues


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Iyyar 24, 5783
thank you if two different existing transportation companies exist. third person showed up and make the prices cheaper for taxi cars to help poor jews for Uman Rosh Hashana in Uman. so question is: is it halachacily ok to lower down prices in order to help poor jews to come for Uman Rosh Hashana and kivrei tzaddikim and not squeezing the poor jews for money or overcharge them and take advantage of ?
ב"ה Shalom Fair competition is allowed according to halacha and may open a store near an existing store even though the new store will affect the income of the existing one. שו"ע חו"מ סימן קנו :ה However, when a practical situation arises ,a Rabbi should be consulted and filled in on all the details and factors involved in order to give a proper relevant ruling. All the best
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