Ask the Rabbi



Rabbi Ari Shvat

Nisan 22, 5783
Dear Rabbi my question if someone is interested in Converting to, Judaism how does this work does one need to take Classes Cost for a Class is there a cost to Convert ? Also does one need to move to Convert also are there, Dues in a Synagogue or is it based on Income thank you for your time today ?
One definitely must participate in classes, but in principal, it's free. Just that in every locale it may be different, based on their costs, upkeep of the program, building etc. So you should contact a program close to you. Eventually, when one is ready for the conversion, it's greatly preferred to live near an orthodox community, for Judaism is not geared for individuals but to be part of a nice warm community. Dues to a synagogue are very amiable and flexible, taking into account the ability of each person. All the best in your quest for truth!
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