Ask the Rabbi

Loquat Jam and Mead


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Nisan 9, 5783
I was looking to find the specific requirements for making loquat jam and Honey wine. All of the ingredients are from my personal mini farm. Seeing as the Chabad uses a good amount of wine, and honey is a kosher food ( especially straight from the honeycomb - I have 28+ yrs making wine, but I am new to kosher food) I wanted to gift about 10 gallons of mead ( honey wine) to the Chabad, what are the requirements to make it kosher? For the jam, what are its requirements to be kosher?
ב"ה Shalom Shalom If you will be commercially selling your products, you will need Rabbinical supervision for production in order to receive kosher certification, for which the supervisor will provide you with all the requirements. Depending upon requirements, the supervisor may need to be present during production. Nonetheless, I will give some basic guidelines. Fruit from Israel, must have tithes removed. All ingredients added, such as sugar, glucose, pectin , citric acid, etc. must come from sources of reliable kosher supervision. Utensils in the plant may be have to be made kosher depending on how and with what they were used. The production of kosher wine requires that the production and handling is carried out by an observant orthodox Jew in addition to whatever local requirements will be necessary. And again Rabbinical supervision will be required to receive kosher certification. All the best
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