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קטגוריה משנית
Hi Rabbi Is it permissible to purchase a small model of the ark of the covenant? I saw a model of this that I liked and wanted for my home, but I was concerned as it has models of the Cherubim, so for that reason I thought it may not be permitted, as it is in violation of the second commandment. Am I correct that this is strictly forbidden, as it is a physical image of a heavenly being? What about a poster showing Moshe Rabbeinu holding the tablets? Is that permitted to display in one’s home according to halacha? Thank you
A model of the cherubim is just a problem if they are a total exact model with all of the details, but often they may have parts which aren't detailed, and if so, it's allowed. A poster of Moshe Rabbenu is allowed, for it's not 3 dimensional.
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