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קטגוריה משנית
This is a follow up to your earlier answer. When washing in the bathroom, is there any reason not to use soap? If one is someone who believes Halachic washing should be outside the bathroom, is there any Halachic reason for them not to wash their hands with soap in the bathroom first and then exit the bathroom and do their Halachic washing with the Kli?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. When washing after using the bathroom, whether this is done inside or outside the bathroom itself (see my previous response), there is no problem at all to use soap. Let me explain – according to the standard halacha, one does not have to use a vessel (kli) to pour the water over their hands for the washing after using the bathroom. A vessel is required when washing for bread, and is ideal when washing one’s hands when first awakening in the morning. But, after using the bathroom one needs to clean their hands, but it is not necessary to use a vessel and pour water over them. There are strict opinions (based on kabbalah) that hold that even after using the toilet one should wash using a vessel and pouring three times (alternatively) over their hands. One should follow their custom, but the standard halacha does not require a vessel. With this in mind, one who is not using a vessel, can certainly go ahead and wash their hands after using the toilet using soap in the regular way. Then, after drying their hands, (and leaving the bathroom, if they washed in the bathroom, as per my last response), they should say the pray “asher yatzar”. If though they want to pour water from a vessel over their hands, they may wash their hands with soap in the regular fashion, and then pour water over their hands three times (or visa versa, pouring first, then using soap afterwards). I hope this is of some help, Blessings.
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