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Dairy mug and meat sponge


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Shevat 10, 5783
My husband, by mistake, used the meat sponge to wash my favorite dairy stoneware mug (Le Creuset), using water that was very, very hot. Frying pan was used for frying meat around 8pm, pan stayed dirty overnight, totally dry Same frying pan was washed in the next morning around 7:30am, then was used to fry eggs, then washed again around 8am, together with other meat items (bowl, cutlery) he used for breakfast, the tap water was very hot ...then, by mistake, he immediately took my dairy mug, that had just been used with hot coffee and milk, the mug was still warm on top of the dairy counter and washed it too... I discarded the sponge, but what should I do with the mug? Thank you in advance.
ב"ה Shalom No need to worry about favorite dairy stoneware mug (Le Creuset). You may have your coffee in it. Although separate sponges should be set aside for meat and milk, mixing them up does happen in many households. However, if by mistake the sponges got mixed up , it does not make the dishes not kosher. This is because the sponge had soap or some other distasteful material in it which render whatever remaining meat particles in the sponge foul tasting . Something foul tasting cannot make something not Kosher. In addition, however hot the water was, I don’t think it would have exceeded 117°F/ 45°C which constitutes the Halachic definition of something hot. All the best
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