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קטגוריה משנית
How would you respond to the question: Does God got jealous? Does Gd feel the way we do? Also, if every trait we have stems from God, Who created it, how can God have these negative traits that we have?!
Definitely not!! Many of our feelings often stem from our lack of something, which leads us to feel bad, yearn, be jealous or feel good when we get it! Similarly when we feel that things go "wrong", we're upset. God is perfect, eternal and doesn't change, so all this clearly doesn't apply, and everything He knows and does is for the best. Sometimes the Tanach describes that He feels something, is zealous, angry, regrets, is satisfied etc. All of these are for us, that we should feel that we upset Him, or made Him happy. But just as a 2 year-old cannot really hurt us when he hits, but sometimes it's good to tell him that it hurts, in order to educate him towards right and wrong. So too our loving Father in Heaven wants to educate us, and also help us deepen and feel our relationship with Him. True, He is Perfect, which includes all of the good traits like compassion, knowledge, and goodness. We have negative traits based upon our free-will. Every trait is called a "midah"=measurement, for if we choose to use it in the right time, place and measurement it's good, and if we choose to use it in the wrong way, it could be bad. God has all of the traits in their perfect form, while our lives are about free-choice, learning and finding the right balance for each midah and for each case.
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