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Shevat 10, 5783
What organization can help Jews relocate too a place in israel where they are safe and help them get rifle bullets out of their bodies? I got hit in the attacks in the 90s before the persian gulf and in the obama era. They cliped me when I was little I took a small high speed bullet too the head which jumped down my back choping too the side and settling under my pelvis,When I was older I got hit in the knee and the shen..the 5.56mm which hit my shen bounced up and lodged in my pelvis. I would like too have a job and better the united states they loose synagogues too other tribes for schemes, I do not imagine it is any better in when the Hittites built their temple there. I would like too live in an area where residential areas are protected from other tribes..and preferably a nation which prosecutes chemical weapons attacks MK .ultra and intermarriage. In america and israel it apears jews are just being killed and replaced..with chinese germans, hitties, ian, druis..the anunaki..etc I do not know what it is like too not live in paralyzing fear. I would like much help..
Shalom, We do not answer these types of questions. All the best.
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