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Microwave Mistake

Rabbi David SperlingCheshvan 5, 5773
Hi, We made a mistake by putting some hot dairy heated in a non-kosher microwave into our dairy dishes. The microwave was clean and unused for a few days previously. What is the status of the dishes? Are the any kulas since the microwave was clean and unused for a while? Thanks.
Shalom, You are certainly correct that it was a mistake to heat up food in a non-kosher microwave. This is clearly forbidden. However, after the fact, your dishes are still kosher. This is because the microwave was clean and had not been used for more than 24 hours, which makes the taste absorbed in it "pagum", ie. it does not transfer the non-kosher taste into the food. This is exactly the type of question one should get a ruling on in each case - as you have - as the law can change with very slight differences in circumstance. Blessings
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