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Moshiach- Could he be revived from the dead?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Elul 11, 5782
Shalom, we are told that there is a Halacha on anything. Is there a Jewish Halacha or a binding decision re: whether the Moshiach can be resurrected? In Hilchot Melachim 11:1 the Rambam says just "a king will arise..." but there is no statement that he has to be a naturally born person. Is there anywhere in the Torah where there is a definitive Halachah or ruling that a Moshiach cannot come from the dead? Also, where did the Ramban say that death has no power over Moshiach? Thank you.
The Rambam (Melachim 11, 3) writes that the Mashiach will come in a natural, not miraculous way, like Bar Kochva, whereas being revived from the dead is surely miraculous. He adds there that the Mashiach will not do super-natural miracles, nor will he revive the dead, inferring that he himself isn't revived either, for again, that would be miraculous. Contrarily, the revival of the dead is generally accepted as a much later period, and the very final stage of the redemption process (as we say the order in the paragraphs right after Barchu in Shabbat Shacharit), well after the Days of Mashiach (which we are already in its early stages). Accordingly, he will in all probability, not rise from the dead. The Ramban ("Hinei Yaskil Avdi" beg.) writes that the Mashiach will not be defeated or killed by his enemies, but I'm not aware of anywhere where he says that he won't die at all.
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