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קטגוריה משנית
In light of recent, and not so recent events; and considering most conservative Americans are blindly in full support of Israel, why are most American Jews liberal democrats? I am a conservative from the southern part of the U.S.. All those with which I come in contact here in East Tennessee are extremely pro-Israel, (as am I). The liberal democratic party (in my opinion) is not a friend of the Jew.
Your question is more likely to receive an accurate, scientific answer from a sociologist than from a rabbi. I am certain that voting patterns were formed a century ago and continue to be based on social and economic policies and on constitutional issues rather than on foreign policies. I would like to thank you and those with whom you are in contact for your full support of Israel. The United States’ struggle against world terrorism and against regimes- like that of Saddam Hussein- that back it, is a moral battle that the US has shouldered with courage. The battle of Israel for survival and for sovereignty in our Biblical homeland is being waged against the same forces of hatred and tyranny that unfortunately dominate the Arab world and find support in European capitals. As conservatives, it is important that you encourage President Bush not to placate Arab and European interest groups that are calling for the US to press Israel into making dangerous and unjust concessions to our enemies.
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