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Slow davener

Various Rabbis27 Adar II 5763
I am a very slow davener. Must I, under all circumstances, begin Shmone Esre with the rest of the Minyan, skipping sometimes Shma as well as Pesukei Dezimra? Is it sufficient to say Kedusha with the Tsibor?
When davening Ma'ariv one can skip the Brachot of Shma and Shma and daven Shmone Esre with the Minyan and after the davening one says Shma and its Brachot. When davening Shacharit though, one has to say Shmone Esre immediatly after the Brachot of Shma, therefore one cannot skip to Shmone Esre. There are two options: Either to start the davening early and join the minyan at Shmone Esre or to daven with the minyan and daven Shmone Esre during Chazarat Hashatz. I advise the first option. Rabbi Ro'i Margalit
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