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Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Iyyar 28, 5782
Hi I am a female. Sometimes I wake up too late to get through the entire Shaharit in time. What is the order of importance I should use to say prayers on days where Im running late and wouldnt get through everything in time? (at home.) -if the time limit has already passed (what is the exact time?) should I still say amidah, or should I read it with my eyes only? thank you
Shalom U'vracha, The prayers that you would need to say are limited to the following: Birchot Hatora, Birchot Hashachar and the Amida, which is the Shemona Esrai. The Amida must be said before the end of the 'fourth hour' of the day. The exact time of the fourth hour changes from day to day and from place to place as daylight hours increase and decrease-- based on the calendar. These times are listed in a good Jewish calendar or in the internet. If the fourth hour passed and you did not pray the Shemona Esrai, you can still daven 'bedieved' (which is acceptable but not ideal) until midday. You can see on a calendar or internet what the exact time of midday is on the date in question.
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