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קטגוריה משנית
Shalom aleichem rabbi I hope you are well. Im in a difficult position and am in much confusion. I believe that the torah is the word of hashem. I have also accepted the noahide laws. However, I still feel a strong connection to my faith (islam) and dont feel that I wish to leave my faith. If one accepts the noahide laws, believes in the divinity of the torah and that the jews are the chosen people and that isreal belongs only to the jewish people; but is part of a monotheistic faith can he be considered a noahide? I know the great rabbi miamonides rambam said they are not allowed to invent for themselves a religion but I feel I am unable to leave. I believe that the torah is the preserved word of Hashem .
Rav Kook writes that there is room for other monotheistic religions for the gentiles, as long as they are truly monotheistic, and are truly moral, e.g. not trying to convince others to convert to your religion. All the best!
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