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Kashering a Saucepan


Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Nisan 23, 5782
How long must a saucepan that has been used for meat remian soaking before it can be used for dairy
Shalom U'vracha, One must use a separate saucepan for dairy, meat, or pareve food. If you decided to use your saucepan for meat it should not be used for dairy or vice versa. However, if you used it for both in the past and you now want to kasher it and make the saucepan a dairy (or meat) one you must: 1. clean it well. 2. Wait for 24 hours. 3. Fill it up with water and boil it. That process is sufficient. At that point, you may decide what you want to use it for, either meat or dairy. All the best!
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