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Relationship with a divorced woman


Rabbi Gideon Weitzman

Nisan 6, 5782
Good day Rabbi, I would like to know if I (Kohein) would loose my Kohanim status if I date a divorced woman? I have found the most incredible woman. When we met I knew she was a widower however a month into our relationship we spoke about our previous marriages and she told me she was married prior to her second marriage. I do know the prohibition that we (Kohanim) are not allowed to wed divorcees however I am getting mixed answers - from the Rabbi’s I have consulted - if we are allowed to date without any intentions of ever getting married, living together or having children. She is a true Eishes Chayil and I believe I have found my beshert in her. I would hate to loose both our chances of hope and happiness after so much loss and heartache. I look forward to your response.
Shalom I understand your question but, unfortunately, I do not see a solution as a Cohen cannot marry a divorcee. This is a result of the special elevated nature of the Cohen. I recognize that this is not easy to hear but this is the clear halacha. Kol tuv
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