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Pottery Painting on chol hamoed?


Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Nisan 7, 5782
Is it permitted to do a pottery painting activity on chol hamoed?
Thank you for your question, It is forbidden to do a pottery painting activity on Chol Hamoed (see Yalkut Yosef- Chol Hamoed- page 508, halacha 10). However, children are permitted to engage in pottery painting on Chol Hamoed (see: Chol Hamoed K'hilchato', 6:84). In the book Peninei Halakha (Laws of the Festivals 11:14) a similar halacha is mentioned: " An adult may take children on Ḥol Ha-mo’ed to an arts and crafts program, such as a workshop in which children decorate pottery, and he may even help them. However, he may not decorate his own pottery". All the best
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